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Charlotte Kennett

I'm an award winning queer director, writer, producer, and poker shark! Be careful! 

As a multi-hyphenate creative, I work professionally across many mediums and genres... which is great for my ADHD.


But my love language? Narrative genre comedies. 

I'm a character forward director interested in making cinematic and surreal visual choices.


Bending and breaking the rules and structure of comedy excites me. I engage with psychological dark comedies, traumedies... and I'm currently trying to coin the alt comedy niche I came up while describing my work to a stranger: "therapy comedy".

It's much cheaper than the real thing! I promise!

My queer dark comedy short Psycho Baby is doing a festival circuit while I prep to shoot my feature debut in Spring 2023.


Sony, Columbia Records, Adidas, Kyra TV, YouTube, The Fung Bros, Joey Graceffa, Dichotomy, Stetson, and Republic Records. 


Hit me up!

So you wanna talk do ya ....

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Music Videos:

Legal Rep: Sally Koenig, 310-984-1225

IG: @charlotte.kennett

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