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Charlotte Kennett

Charlotte Kennett is a director and writer based in Los Angeles originally from a small mountain town of 2,000 people. She has a penchant for curious dark comedies that rip themselves open and reveal nuanced self awareness. Her visual style is commanding and cinematically ambitious, an obvious film nerd… Kennett is as much of a technical director as she is creative. Her voice is queer, bold, emotional, intentional, and on the pulse of today.


After graduating with a degree in Comedy Writing and Performance from Columbia College Chicago, she moved to Los Angeles and began working as an Office PA and later a Showrunner’s Assistant. After working as an assistant in film and tv for years and freelancing all the while as a director and dp, she took a leap of faith and went full time as a freelance director. The breadth of Charlotte’s work since transitioning is constantly evolving to showcase her unique style in each new endeavor and format.


Charlotte is known for her narrative projects and within the last few years has directed a handful of award winning pilots and shorts. Her queer dark comedy short Psycho Baby is currently doing a festival run while an independent comedy pilot she directed has been distributed through Comcast. Another short of hers All We Have is available on Amazon Prime.

During the pandemic, Charlotte dipped her toes into commercials, directing a social media spot for IMG Models entitled: “Models In Quarantine”. Charlotte has recently been hired to direct narrative content for Barbie and American Girl Doll.


In addition to her commercial and narrative work, Charlotte is known to helm bold narrative leaning music videos for a wide range of upcoming artists. In 2022, Charlotte began directing music videos for Sony and Columbia Records.


Among her most notable work is the LGBTQ+ comedy web series, Chapstick, that she made while enrolled in college in Chicago. The web series went on to become a queer cult classic with over half a million views on its two seasons and write ups from publications such as VICE, WGN Radio, and Medium.


Currently, Charlotte is writing a queer dark comedy feature and developing a slate of narrative indie shorts she plans to shoot underneath her newly established production company, Mother Fever

As a director, Charlotte has a unique ability to share normally unseen and unexplored human moments. Charlotte is dedicated to creating more representation for LGBTQ+ folks in tv and film. Her strong technical style and comedic narrative-driven work are impossible to ignore.

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Sony, Columbia Records, Adidas, Kyra TV, YouTube, The Fung Bros, Dichotomy, Stetson, American Girl Doll, Barbie.


I'm an award winning queer director, writer, producer, and poker shark! Be careful! 

As a multi-hyphenate creative, I work professionally across many mediums and genres... which is great for my ADHD.


But my love language? Narrative genre comedies. 

I'm a character forward director interested in making cinematic and surreal visual choices.


Bending and breaking the rules and structure of comedy excites me. I engage with psychological dark

comedies, traumedies... and I'm currently trying to coin the alt comedy niche I came up while describing

my work to a stranger: "therapy comedy". It's much cheaper than the real thing! I promise!


Hit me up!



IG: @charlotte.kennett

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