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Chapstick Web Series is a queer comedy web series

that follows the lives of Marlo and Addy, two best friends, 

in their daily struggles of being artists, being women,

liking women, and finding their place in this vast world.

I created Chapstick Web Series in 2015 while attending Columbia College Chicago for Comedy Writing & Performance.

Chapstick started as a class assignment in college - to write a pilot episode of a web series.

It turned into so much more than that after we shot it and it immediately began to receive views and praise

from LGBTQ people all around the world. We felt a call to action to make more. 

2 Seasons and 22 episodes later Chapstick was finished.

Chapstick's views to date are over a million collectively from YouTube and other platforms.


Chapstick was created to represent the LGBTQ community in a comedic format

that wasn't a "coming out" story. We wanted our characters to be gay, be out, and be funny. 

Our mission was to normalize gay characters in tv &  film.  The thought is: the more content that's

out there with LGBTQ people in it... the more accepted it becomes.

It all started with this first episode linked here. Please enjoy!

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