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Unscripted + Commercial

Client: Color of Change, Black Lives Matter
Project: #BlackMenVote
Scope: 9 Videos

Client: Kyra TV
Project: Field Trip
Scope: 6 Episodes

Client: IMG Models
Project: Models During Quarantine
Scope: 1 Video


I directed and shot a social media spot for IMG Models during the pandemic entitled: "Models In Quarantine" all shot via drone to safely check in on how the models were doing. IMG has 2 million followers on instagram and their CEO let me know my video was one of their highest performing videos ever.

Client: She Recovers
Project: She Recovers in LA, Beverly Hilton
Scope: 8 Videos

Client: Kyra TV
Project: Nayva Holiday Special
Scope: 1 Video

I directed the holiday special for NAYVA in 2020, NAYVA was the

highest performing fashion channel on YouTube from 2018-2020.

We collaborated with brands like Nike, Top Shop, Zara,

Sephora, ASOS, Levi's and many others.

Upcoming Work From New Clients Including:


Barbie, American Girl Doll, California Lottery... Stay Tuned!

Also check out my newly formed production company, Mother Fever

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